The Retirees go Abroad – Concert at Schloss Mirabell Salzburg Austria


Schloss Mirabell’s breathtaking Marble Hall is the venue for classical concerts every Friday night in Salzburg. Dripping with old-world Austrian glamour, the hall’s interior matches the elegance of the music played inside it, making it the place to watch a concert in Salzburg. Access to the inside of Schloss Mirabell is only possible by booking a concert such as the one we attended tonight. So we did it and discovered the palace’s Baroque beauty while listening to chamber music from a trio of master musicians (piano, violin and viola) playing the music of the likes of Mozart and Beethoven.

The performance stated with a pianist from Siberia who played a set of three pieces by Mozart. Then the “First Violin” joined him for another set of three pieces followed by a break. Then came the surprise. The Violinist had forgotten the sheet music for the trio – the first time in 30 years so the pianist filled in with an ad lib piece until the sheet music was brought to the Palace.

The evening finished with the trio playing three pieces by Mozart to a standing ovation. The viola player was almost demonic in her determined thrusting with her bow.

So we walked to the bus stop to catch the number 5 home but the last bus was at 8.00pm and our concert finished at ten. So a cab home and into bed ready for a big drive to Bregenz in Austria tomorrow.


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